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Worst Experience - StarMart Ekspress &

Was suppose to write this post last Monday but was busy, so here my post and it gonna be all complaining and might be a bit rude here because whenever I think of it I feel like slapping them!! Do noted this might be super long post anyhow do read if you travel a lot by bus, especially from TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan-Cheras) and JB Larkin. Okay here what happen ;

Last weekend I went JB (Johor Bharu), my bf hometown to visit his mom and we are coming home on Sunday evening. As we planned to take 5-6pm buses so we could reach KL around 10-11pm as both of us are working the next day. Everything went so well till we reached Larkin bus terminal, we normally travel from KL to JB or JB to KL by CityExpress or CausewayLink as so far both of the company had very good rate and nothing bad happen for these few years.
And yes me and my bf used to travel a lot like a lot between KL and JB, if you did follow me since 4-5years back you should know we used to be LDR (Long-distance relation) but currently he is working in KL but then by 1 or 2 month later he might be transferring to HQ, which located in JB and yes we might be back to LDR. Some might ask why don't just drive ourselves there, it is not expensive tho. Firstly it is not about the money issue, it is really jam when it is public holidays. Secondly his car are aged so his parent doesn't allow us to travel long distant driving his car if we can. Thirdly he fall asleep while driving specially in the dawn or midnight.
Anyway back to the topic. Okay as I said we planned to leave by bus at 5-6pm but we reached Larkin bus terminal by 6 something and most of the bus was sold out at that time, left with after 9pm which is really late for us. Then come this fella telling us their bus leaving sharp 6.30pm no delay straight to KL without thinking much bf say just take it and the price was hiked to RM40 per seat! Normal price was only RM32-35 but we thought not too expensive not hiked up to 50-60 so we just take it and rush to the bus as is almost 6.30pm.

Nightmare started once we step into the bus which wasn't pleasant. It is not dirty but really old bus which look fragile from the inside, all the PU leather seat was all cracked but those are nothing to us as we will just sleep thought the whole journey back, the worse is we feel like sitting in an oven, hot like really hot as both of us easily sweat, we start sweating after 5 minutes, they did on air condition but guess what no cold air, all hot wind!! SERIOUSLY I cannot bare the hot oven bus for 4-5hours journey, so bf asked the driver if the air con will be better after started engine and he reply yes it will be better later so we doesnt make any fuss and waited patiently

Finally bus started for like 10minutes we reach Skudai area the air-con doesnt seem getting better but it is worse, when it is hot and stuffy with no window we could open, please imagine you are us in that bus. 

If bf didnt went asking about the air-con we might just go back KL like that in a hot oven as I dont see any passengers bother go and ask about it but I can see most of them was frustrated with the hot air and keep on fanning themselves with hand and tickets, the lady even tie her hair up.

After telling the driver and his colleague about it they stopped somewhere at Skudai just to checked see whether they can fix it or not but end up no they went down for 5minutes and didnt came back so everyone got curious went down see what happening and they are sitting there smoking till we asked what happen they only tell us, we have to wait for the mechanic to fix it. 

Everyone thought it will take us 10-15mins but who know it actually took us 1 hours waiting there for the mechanic. So I called the counter the tickets have their contact, I asked how long does we have to wait and she doesn't have an answer but keep repeating mechanic is on their way. So I request her to tell her driver to bring us back to Larkin and give us a refund but she said will call us back after she ask her manager (which I think there are no such person) then she will call me back, which she did not do so I called her back after 15mins.

I asked how it is how long do I need to wait and all she reply is you have to wait just wait there mechanic is on his way but hello!! We all waited for 1 hours plus, fyi I wasn't frustrated and I didn't shout to her thru phone I was talking calmly and politely asking how long do we have to wait and I do repeatedly ask her to tell her driver to get all of us back to Larkin for refund. GUESS WHAT!! That BITCH actually hanged up me while I was half way talking!! WTF! After that everyone start spam calling their phone but no one picked up.

By this point I was hot boiled!! YES!! Im so furking angry but I still talk calmly to the driver asking him to bring us back to Larkin but that BARBARIAN driver act like he have no business with us and said No wait for mechanic he's on his way here to fix it then we go KL, few passengers was so angry and took cab back to Larkin but what happen next idk, did they get their refund back idk, not to risk our RM40 couldnt be refund we stick to the driver here with other angry passengers till 2 hours pass the mechanic reach and look at the problem.

If you think it is done and we are happily going back KL you are so wrong!! As we overheard the mechanic told the driver couldn't fix it, the air-con might get cooler but temporary only which mean it will turn hot half way. The mechanic said have to go to garage for better tools to fix it, then the driver asked everyone to get in the bus and start driving we thought they gonna send us back Larkin but NO!! he did not, he actually bring us to the garage and think we could wait for the bus to be fix or change another bus. While otw to garage he even said see the air is cold now. HELLO cooler and cold are different! It is not even cold it is just cooler wind and still stuffy.

Then till we reach the garage everyone got more frustrated and some barbarian passengers started to talking like monkeys like want a fight with the driver! LOL

So I told the driver we dont wanna fight and dont wanna waste another 2 hours waiting here asking him to just bring us back to Larkin to get our refund and he reply me;
No refund here, get your refund from the counter not here.
I was so frustrated I raise my voice asking him to bring us back to Larkin now I want back my refund! He then Look at me fiercely and raise his tone as well asking me who am I talking to, go get your refund from the counter not from me. I was like WTF!! Because I look like a kids and was smaller size doesn't mean Im easy going and will scare of you PAKCIK!!

I got more angry and frustrated and I shouted him double his fierce face telling him;
If your counter pick up the call I dont have to ask refund from you and this is why I ask you to bring me back to Larkin. Stop talking bring us back to Larkin I dont wanna talk to you!!!! If 20+ people half way any accident die who gonna pay for our life you!! It is you!!!!
He just smile and start calling back to the counter, after wasted out 30mins there arguing to bring us back or not, they decided to bring us back to Larkin and transfer us to another better bus. Yes the bus is nicer it is a nice double decker but hello!! the bus was occupied with passengers in it which the bus will go into Singapore before turning out to KL!! which mean we will reach KL around the next morning 9am!?

So we went to the counter asking for refund with another couple but they refuse to and keep asking us to take the bus they prepared. Do noted if  you are alone especially ladies do not I mean it do not argue with them as Larkin are full of their people and most of them are those gangster barbarian type.

We wasted 30mins again arguing with them for our refund, all they did is pushing us away asking us to go on the bus and they wont and dont refund. Till we said we are not going back to KL we are staying here give us back out refund now, then only they gave us our refund. Without wasting time we when over to CausewayLink to get out 9.30pm bus and it only cost us RM32.2 per seat!!

Then one of the barbarian staff, the one above circle start talking rubbish to us and cursing us die in the bus we sitting later.
Not say dont want go KL, why still buy tickets. You later sit that bus accident you die inside you know.
FURKYOUBITCH the one who will die is you!! With your fugly look and your toilet mouth you will live alone forever!!!

This is another staff which sitting there, an old lady around 40-45years old, I speak very politely to her as she is older than me but she is the one who started to be rude say no refund just go to the bus we prepared la why make fuss here.
I told her I want back my tickets, other people buy for RM35 why I have to pay RM40 and she reply me;
None of my business you get your tickets at RM40!! Just go into the bus, our company policy no refund!!
HELLO MAKCIK BANGSAT KE!!! Although I feel like cursing her but no I didnt said so but in another polite way but shouting la of course I was so hot boiled and angry till I can kill an elephant. I told her;
if none of your business who business it is, this is my company not yours!? So whose business it is whose problem it is mine or the bus problem.
I know it is quite pointless to argue with them but at least I shut her up I feel way better. End up we reach KL dawn around 4-5am. I couldnt go work the next day with a terrible headache. This is why Never ever take their bus!! Shitty services, barbarian staff and trying to avoid from the problem.

StarMart Ekspress or QisTna,com and remember always keep the tickets if anything happen you have your proof and their contact.

While we arguing for a refund one of the staff the one which curse us was trying to take our tickets I told bf and the couple not to give them as if we really gave them we dont have our proof anymore and they can denied anything everything.

And this is my bf second encounter their bad services, few year back he going back JB on Raya period most of the bus would sold out if you are lucky enough you might get your seat, and he thought he is lucky to get a seat to Masai (which is nearer to his house) on super peak period and he reconfirm from the counter in TBS (when there are still counter which is not systematic like now) it is stopped in Masai as many bus dont stop there.

End up the bus driver throw him at Larkin station which most of the counter were closed as it is Raya period and it is midnight but it is lucky he called the number on the tickets and contacted the manager or supervisor and he is kind enough to pick bf from Larkin and send him back to Masai with his own car.

This is why DONT use their services after years but nothing changes, they have many bad comment on their FB.

One of the passenger in the same bus as us told us he bought his tickets at RM55!! WTF serious some even say right after they bought it the staff start shouting for RM65 per seat. RM65 I could get 2 seat at other company. Facebook

Do share it out if you have friends who travel a lot by bus.


aisa said...

What date did this happen? We had similar bad encounter with this exact the same bus last September 1, 2017.

MsCarolineLzt said...

Hi Aisa,

It was last year June and it was the worst service I had experience.

aisa said...

We also took photo of the plate number because we plan to make a report once we get back to SG. That was also a terrible experience for us, we got stuck for 5 hours waiting for the bus to be fixed and yet driver and the other staff responded to us so rudely.

MsCarolineLzt said...
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MsCarolineLzt said...

But I feel reporting to their company no use cause I do saw some people do complain to the company but nothing really happen and thing still happening. Like few years back they they actually dropped my bf at another station than the promised station plus is midnight.

their staff is like gangster, my bf said Larkin bus station counter mostly run by those "people". Just have to choose wisely next time. cause this company never really valued our life.

thats why we always stick back to causewaylink and cityexpress.