Saturday, July 30, 2016

Cheese Tart

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Recently "the cheese tart" have been quite a hit, everywhere started selling molten melt fresh baked cheese tart even dim sum restaurant selling. Due to me and bfy quite often getting movie premiere in 1 Utama shopping mall, we just cant resist seduction (okay maybe 50 curiosity 50 esurient) by the famous Tokyo Secret Malaysia which they claim to be the No1 Japanese cheese tart in Malaysia.

It was long queue before we even start queuing, but it move really fast no no worry. We waited around 10 mins or lesser till our turn. You can see the staff keep on baking none stop and no worries what variety cause you only have 1 type to choose and how many pieces you want. Below are video from my Snapchat, remember to add me on Snapchat @carolinelzt

We cant decide how many pieces to got for because it was our first time trying. If we go for each 1 piece, if it is really nice it will not be enough, but if we bought too many and we couldnt finish it, it will be wasted. So we bought 3 pieces, we shared 1 piece before our movie start then smuggle the other 2 pieces into the cinema. *Opsss please dont learn*

1 piece is RM7.9, consider a premium snack, for that price I could get myself a filling bowl of wantan noodle in hawker centre.

we really smuggle them into the cinema LOL but we did bought ourselves some drinks from the cinema, fair right.

So took the first bite and WHY NO MELT?! I remember what I saw online it melt but why mine doesnt melt? I think the melting must be right from the oven if not it will be just creamy cheesie like what I got. But the RM7.9 is quite a worth to try it out, the crust was so damn nice!! So far the best crust I had ever ate and the cheese part is a bit of disappointment which I was expecting it to melt but no. But the taste is still not that bad, not too cheesie or what we call it in Malay jelat or Chinese 腻, idk what English call it. LOL! Sorry for my bad broken English.
Overall was good, I really love the crust. I will buy again just for the craving especially the crust but price wise I will reconsider buying or not again cause quite expensive for a tart at RM7.9 per piece. Anyway, still worth to try. They use high quality cheese imported directly from Japan.

Location :

Right below GSC 1 Utama, get down from the long escalator you will saw it on your right side.
They have second branch in IPC Shopping Centre and they announced their third branch will be in Sky Avenue @ Genting Highlands.

Official website :

So the other day, bfy went for lunch with his colleague around Kajang area and he saw this Happy Happy Bread Bakery and the queue was short but after he start queuing the queue got longer he said.
They are selling half-baked cheese tart and the durian version half baked cheese tart. He asked me if I wanna try I was like okay why not since you already there. Guess what, he bought 2 boxes which mean 12 pieces it was lucky my family is at home if not who the hell gonna finish it.

After he bought it, he keep on complaining "Do you know I sacrifice my lunch resting time to buy these tarts for you. You know how stupid I look like queuing for 30 mins standing in the line while eating my lunch, while my colleague sitting there enjoying their meal. I have to borrow some cash from my colleague to get you some tarts" He was out of cash that day and didnt withdraw any.

Okay back to topic.
Durian Cheese Tart, 1 piece RM4.50 and a box of 6 pieces RM25. Comparing the outlook Happy Happy Bread Bakery tart actually lose quite some points. 
Half Baked Cheese Tart  1 piece RM3.5. Ignore the one in the middle my bf put it there to look nice because he ate one on the way back.
Half dozen of cheese tart and half dozen of durian tart, the fairer in yellowish is durian cheese tart and the more orangie is cheese tart.

Their tart crust too soft not solid enough, it break into pieces once you take the first bite and not crunchy compare to Tokyo Secret crust. The size is almost the same but their tart look thinner compare to Tokyo Secret. The cheese doesnt melt too so I try to reheat it using mini oven for like 3mins see if the cheese will melt and this is how it look like ;
It slightly melt/soften the cheese but not melting out like what the picture shown, but it really taste better when it is still hot.

I didnt took picture of the durian one, picture from their Facebook. It is half cheese half durian my opinion ; nothing special and the taste just normal and I think the durian flesh wasnt fresh or maybe the high temperature baking make it taste slight different. Doesnt taste like how the durian should taste or maybe you just have to eat it while still hot.

My own opinion I still prefer Tokyo Secret more as Happy Happy tart crust not crunchy and solid enough and the cheese part just normal. But for price wise reasonable I might buy again. Worth trying especially their durian tart, it might not suit my taste bud but it might suit you. I dont like durian made food but I like fresh peeled durians.

If you plan to try it out, do noted they only baked those tart twice a days which is 12.30pm and 6pm. Dont putih putih go and wasted your time.

Business hour : 6am - 10pm
Contact : 03-8733 9101
Address : 285 ,Jalan Berjaya 10, Taman Berjaya, 43000 Kajang
GPS Coordinates:2.984111, 101.778709

Friday, July 29, 2016

Ezbuy - Buy The World For You

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I been addicted to shop at Taobao but my Chinese was 50/50. I learn Chinese words using dictionary and movie sub, that's why my Chinese is really limited. Shopping in Taobao is really difficult due to the site is all in Chinese and to communicate with the seller from China you have to use Chinese too. But after someone intro me Ezbuy - buy the world for you (or used to be called 65daigou) it make shopping in Taobao easier.

Ezbuy is ;

A platform to shop around the world, where they can help you purchase and ship your items to you. You can easily shop in China, Taiwan and USA using Ezbuy. Cheaper and equally fast international shipping.

They even have this program which ship for unlimited size and weight at only RM8.80 nett (Prime).

What is Ezbuy Prime ;

Ezbuy Prime is a subscribed membership programme exclusive to ezbuy existing customers. The membership fee is RM 188 per year (or RM18 for 1 month trial) and this enables you to enjoy the Prime member only benefits for one whole year.
Prime member can enjoy the lowest 4% agent fee rate for Prime eligible items, regardless of the current member level (normal, VIP or SVIP). Ezbuy Prime member enjoys free insurance up to per parcel to cover unfortunate incident like parcel loss, damage or product issues listed in the inspection coverage. The compensation follows the same policy as buy-for-me service.

Beginner guide to shop in Ezbuy ;

1) Get yourself a account using this link and get a RM15 voucher. Remember edit your detail, especially your mailing details.

2) Start browsing for stuff you want, if you dont see the stuff you want you can easily copy and paste in the link on the top panel.

3) Then start choosing color, design and quality you want. Below you will see method of shipping either Prime, ezbuy or buy for me, if you want to use Prime remember to click Prime before add to cart.
Fyi, not every items is available/eligible for Prime services to make sure all items purchase are entitle Prime service you can straight away go into Prime.

4) You can easily see you have added into your cart on the right side.

5) Go into cart and you can edit the items or remove unwanted items. You can even tick for the items you wanna checkout now.
By clicking it you can see the agent fee and shipping fee (only for selected item). For Prime user you will see your shipping is always RM8.80 nett. *the photo was edited while free agent fee period*. After select which items you wanted to checkout you will have to pay by using your prepay.

How to pay

You have to top up your account to make payment. How to top up? easy ;
Go to my account > Top Up, at here you can see your prepay balance and pending payment. Scroll down you will see method of top up.
You can choose to top up using e-banking (which will charged 2.4% transaction cost but it is much more efficient compare with others), manual internet banking (normal online transferring, no transaction cost but need to submit form and wait for verification), credit card (3.9% + RM2.00 transaction cost) and ATM transfer ( no extra cost but need submit form and wait verification).

I normally go for manual internet banking cause I cheapskate dont wanna pay for the 2.5% transaction fee. I tried once e-banking it really fast and efficient but I still cheapskate ma dont wanna pay for the 2.4% so I stick back to manual internet banking. LOL!

After all top up and payment done, you can go over to My Order > Completed to view your shipping status.

You can also easily track your items anywhere by using your phone, just download the app. Open the app > MINE > Processing.

Download the apps here ; 

A 15% off shipping fee promo code for you ( EZJUL15 ) and remember register  yourself here ; and receive RM15 voucher immediately.

For more info ;

Ezbuy Facebook
Ezbuy Instagram


Monday - Friday: 10:00am to 6:00pm.
Saturday: 10:00am to 2:00pm
(Sunday& Public Holiday close).

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Althea Turn 1 - Happy Birthday!!

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Annyeonghaseyo! So it is 20th July 2016 and it is one year old BIRTHDAY!! 생일 축하합니다 saengil chukhahamnida

If you dont know "who" Althea you're outdated. Althea is so far my favorite place to buy Korea cosmetics. They are online beauty store which bring in authentic K-Beauty/Korea skin care & cosmetics product to SEAsians. They started their journey since 2015 June and yeah they are officially 1 year old. So far they are in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines & just launched Thailand.

Is is their birthday and they are being generous and here is what going on at Althea ;

Althea's Birthday Celebration period 20th - 31st July, 2016

  • Limited Edition Birthday Box + DIY Party Kit - For orders placed on 20/7 onwards. While stocks last.
Their 1st birthday theme is PINK and I don't really like pink but their limited edition birthday box is really cute and I got the bright pink one.
My Althea box, if you purchase bigger or more stuff you will get the bright pink which is bigger box and the light pink for smaller items like lipstick, liner or brown pen etc etc. Balloon and DIY party hat will come together with your k-beauty items.

  • Free Goodies for first 1,500 shoppers - Full size beauty products. While stocks last.
Shop now for FREE limited goodie bag and checkout using this code ; ALTHEATURNS1

  • Birthday Giveaway. Pick 3 Top Sellers for 100% REBATE! - Rebate will be credited into your account. 
Yes! 100% REBATE!! How can they be so generous, making me wanna shop again.

  • #AltheaTurns1 Instagram Contest - Everyone have an Instagram acc don't tell me you don't have.
- Got your Althea party kit? Wish us a happy birthday with #altheaturns1 and stand a chance to win amazing prizes such as Macbook Air, Ipad Air 2, iPhone 6S, Galaxy S6 Edge, Canon EOS M10 Selfie Camera, Althea credits and beauty hampers from Althea! 
- Prizes total worth KRW10,000,000 to be won.

- Contest starts from 20th July - 15th August, 2016.

Taaadaa~~ This is my design of party hat. Do Follow me on Snapchat @carolinelzt to see my unboxed and my Instagram @mscarolinelzt for my photo for Instagram contest with my party hat.

Here what I got from, first of all thanks to Althea for the products and the invitation. Am really happy to be chosen as one of the blogger to blog about #AltheaTurns1, okay anyway back to the products ;

1. Elizavecca - Black Head solution 3-Step Nose Pack (Editor's Pick) - RM5 per piece or 6 pieces for RM25.
I bought it just because the graphic look cute. Prodigal habits die hard

2. Angel Factory - Under-Arm Perfume Peeling Pads (Editor's Pick) - Rm6.5 per piece or 6 pieces for RM32.5.
I was choosing to buy either the black head solution 6pieces or the under arm 6pieces, end up I decide to get this cause I have many more blackhead pack. Plus I been wanting to try this armpits pad so long, you know the kind of feel when you can keep flashing off your armpits hahahah.

3. Witch's Pouch - Selfie Perfect Eyebrow (Editor's Pick) - RM13
I dont really know how to draw my brow but I been practicing with my Makeup Revolution brow palette the powder type apply with brush, till now I still couldnt master it, so I decide to get myself a brow pencil, I search and read those review about selfie eyebrow and most of them are good rating. Most important is, it is CHEAP like RM13 you get a brow pencil, an extra refill and screw brush attached.

I got myself the #2 Natural Beige, I already used once and coverage was quite good and easy to apply, most importantly it doesnt feel sticky and thick.

I started to like using cushion, was planning to get the The Face Shop - My Other Bag X CC Cushion but SOLD OUT!! So sad so I bought April Skin since everyone was talking about how good and how BOOM their cushion is. After using it I must admit, this is really a good cushion, a dab can easily cover quite an area, coverage really good and it blend into skin tone very well, not sticky and it stay quite long hours.

I was lucky, I bought it at RM47 while HOT DEAL period!! What a bargain. *smirk* I choose hydrating which suitable for combination skin. The texture is really gelish like normal moisturiser we use and it blend into you skin easily like moisturiser then turn transparent. After apply wont feel stick and wont feel heavy.

No photo cause I forgot about it and this is all, total bill is RM205.5 for 1 cushion, 1 primer, 1 concealer, 1 brow pen, 1pcs pore patch, 1 aloe mist & 6pcs armpits pad!! Each items only cost me not more than RM20, SERIOUSLY what are you waiting for??

Plus with all the REBATE, GOODIE and DISCOUNT!!! Dont forget the ongoing Instagram contest, you might get yourself a chance to win some devices!

Lifetime free shipping all the way from Korea if purchase above RM150, it take around 10-15 days to reach you. 30 days unconditional return with return shipping by Althea. All authentic and BEST PRICE, I bought Banila Co - VV Bouncing Cushion with refill from Althea at RM105 but current price at Althea is RM125, that other day I went to Banila Co kiosk in Sunway the retail price is around RM170++, see how much different the price is!!

Trust me you wont regret buying from them. Good service, good packaging and good products.

Here are the link to their store ;

#AltheaKorea #AltheaTurns1

For other info or QnA :


Monday, July 18, 2016

How I Get My Movie Tickets

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Recently many people keep on asking me how do I get all those free movie tickets and premiere screening, so am gonna teach everyone who had asked me how I get them, do continue reading. Thanks hahahah

Actually there're many many website which giving out free movie tickets or premiere screening depend where you get it and what language you understand cause some are in Chinese which mean you have to fill in with Chinese name and stuff. Example ; Radios station will be one of those which famous giver of all but mostly they only giving out like 10-15 pairs and you have to call in and it is not easy, trust me I try before and it never been thru once. Is like harder than playing the toy claw game in arcade.

There are more site which giving out but you have to like answer question, filling in many stuff or play game or something like using credit to change the free tickets, it was a bit troublesome for me as I am super lazy.

So I choose ; It is so far the most convenient and easiest site to get my premiere tickets ever. Just by sharing poster and feel lucky to be chosen as winner. No filling in many details and no need to answer any question.

And here is how you can stand a chance to get some free tickets.

Firstly you need to have an account at, go into their website or HOME and this is what you get.  

Press into the movie you wanted to join the giveaway and scroll down till you saw "xxxxx Premiere Screening Passes Giveaway" and there is where you press "Participate in the giveaway". After pressing it will be a pop out window asking you to share with Facebook or Twitter. I think you should be understand what to do till here right. Remember share post as public if not they might unable to trace your post. 

Make sure you share your post with your own logged in acc into, which your post will be appear with your name under the post as shown ;

Then sit back and keep on refreshing your email till you saw their name in your inbox. LOL! Just reply your details as confirm attendants, do not reply and MIA as many other people wanted the tickets but you're the lucky one. If you can't attend just give it to other friends by replying with authorize redemption, at least you dont waste the tickets.

Okay, some might ask how do I know which movie is ongoing giveaway which already passed? very easy, look for poster "Klipster Special" flag which mean this is one of the giveaway movie.

If the giveaway already end you won't be able to share or participate the giveaway and the button wil turn grey as followed ;

So what else do you need to know? I can explain to you. My colleague, friends even my family started to sharing them after they saw me keep on updating with free premiere tickets. Good thing should be shared and caring is sharing.

I think should pay me for helping them in advertising/promoting to people around me.
Anyway, join and get a chance to win a pair of movie premiere screening, if you are lucky you might watching the premiere with some local artist.

Almost forgot, once in a while they even giveaway premium items for the movie. You just have to check it out on their site.
Twitter @klipsmalaysia
Instagram klips_my #kKLIPSmy