Monday, July 11, 2016


Hakka Marble - Cheras

Second day of Raya and my bf started his long weekend by going back JB and abandon me alone in KL for the whole weekend how sad right.

So I have to be his free "Uber" to drop him at TBS to get his bus ticket and we got around 2-3hours before his departure time so we decide to fill up our tummy so he won't be hungry while on the way back.

We couldn't think of anything to eat also we are both really not so foodie kind of people, but this came across my mind, fried assam laksa and fried abacus which was quite famous in Cheras and we start waze-ing it and it is only 15mins away from TBS so yes finally I could try it.

It is really easy to see and do always trust your waze it bring you to exactly where the shop is.

So we order fried assam laksa and fried abacus which it is famous for it and sarsi cincau & lemon juice since it sound special. Sorry no photo because I was randomly came to the shop and tried it and feel like writing a post. 

My opinion I will said both taste nice not like really waoo waoo kind of nice but nice and I will come again. 

The fried assam laksa is really special it taste spicy not too spicy but just right and a bit of soury just like how the normal laksa taste. I always like assam laksa as I like soury foods and the thick glass noodle which we called it "lai fun" in Chinese.

The fried abacus they have two option ; you can choose yam or pumpkin and we choose pumpkin. The texture is really bouncy yet not rubbery. Is like eating "tong yuen" but slightly harder texture.

I suggest eat the abacus first then the assam laksa, because assam laksa taste is more strong compare to abacus. I realize I can't stop eating them even after I'm full.

The drink just normal, the Sarsi is not gassy and just normal.

Total damage is RM30.50 for 2 pax all, not too expensive just okay. You can order more if you got more people, they got other food like fried rice and hokkein fried. It will be filling for ladies but not the guys if you order what we ordered.

They are close on every Monday and operate hour will be Tuesday - Saturday 2.30pm - 12am and Sunday 2pm - 11am

Just type the restaurant name in your waze if you don't know the way and find for this shop ;

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