Monday, July 11, 2016


Hong Lai Hokkien Mee - Setapak

Saturday night, he is back. We have no idea what to do at night and was hungry so we decide to go for somewhere else then always the same mamak or Mcdonald. We went all the way to Setapak to try the famous cheese naan, RSMY best cheese naan and we were so stupid, it is Raya period who gonna open door serve you!!

Were a bit disappointed and feel stupid we decide to search around here since we are here already, as you know I used to be TARC student but seriously if come to foods I have no idea where and what to eat so we search around google and Hong Lai is on the list for supper, so hokkien mee we go.

If you stay Setapak or used to be a student there like me, definitely you knew this place. I know about this famous charcoal fried stall but never once go for it just because no one really accompany me and am not a big fans of hokkien char but my bf is super big fans of hokkien char so thanks to him I got to try it.
It is really obvious right after a traffic light, people sitting outside of the shop with the owner cooking with the big flame.

We ordered Hokkien mee & their famous Moonlight noodles. This is the bom!! Really really really nice the hokkien mee, the wok smell really I couldnt express it in English, it is really way different from those you ate at hawker and I can say this is way better than Damansara Uptown hokkien mee.

The moonlight noodles is so smooth and I can finishes it myself, I definitely coming back again! Best thing about here is they dont put in pork lard because we both hate eating pork lard. People always put pork lard in so the fried noodle will taste better but this without lard and still so nice. *thumb up*
You can easily get it form waze also, as I said always trust your waze.

Kedai Kopi Dan Makanan Hong Lai
83, Jalan Genting Klang
Setapak, Kuala Lumpur

Hours: 6:30pm-2:30am

Sunday was as boring as Saturday ; this is what happen when you been dating for 5 years. Nothing to do other than eat sleep movie repeat. Was raining heavily we couldnt think a thing to do, I just have to Snapchat a bit. Yeap, do follow me on Snapchat @carolinelzt

Finally we decides to go for movie as Citibank user can have flat rate on GSC ticket on weekend but it was suck that they changed their system from purchasing at counter to online purchasing and worst is they limited to 1500 units only which mean only 750 couples allow to enjoy it daily (Saturday & Sunday only) do note it is whole Malaysia.
Ever since they changed the system I never once could successfully get tickets with the flat rate promo!! WORST promo ever!! I dont really mind queuing to purchase a ticket as Midvalley GSC have very efficient staff, the queue there always move really fast. Anyway because we lost our flat rate promo we decide not to watch any movie because we feel sad and feel scammed by them as we couldnt get our cheap tickets!!

Good thing is we haven reach Midvalley so we make a turn to Sunway Pyramid instead since it is nearer to us. Went for a boring window shopping since we all dolled just dont wanna stay home.

OOTD ; Just press in to the name of shop will direct you to where I bought them.

-Nerdy Spec from taobao (I forgot where I get it from got it last year)
-Denim oversized jackset from Taobao thru ezbuy
-Ripped denim waist short from Bangkok
-Shoe Adidas Original Superstar from The Garden, Sole What
-Riya Brand minis sling bag from La.sista Collection (which Im the owner of the shop)
-Esprit Golden Stainless Steel Analog Women Watch from City Chain

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