Monday, July 18, 2016


How I Get My Movie Tickets

Recently many people keep on asking me how do I get all those free movie tickets and premiere screening, so am gonna teach everyone who had asked me how I get them, do continue reading. Thanks hahahah

Actually there're many many website which giving out free movie tickets or premiere screening depend where you get it and what language you understand cause some are in Chinese which mean you have to fill in with Chinese name and stuff. Example ; Radios station will be one of those which famous giver of all but mostly they only giving out like 10-15 pairs and you have to call in and it is not easy, trust me I try before and it never been thru once. Is like harder than playing the toy claw game in arcade.

There are more site which giving out but you have to like answer question, filling in many stuff or play game or something like using credit to change the free tickets, it was a bit troublesome for me as I am super lazy.

So I choose ; It is so far the most convenient and easiest site to get my premiere tickets ever. Just by sharing poster and feel lucky to be chosen as winner. No filling in many details and no need to answer any question.

And here is how you can stand a chance to get some free tickets.

Firstly you need to have an account at, go into their website or HOME and this is what you get.  

Press into the movie you wanted to join the giveaway and scroll down till you saw "xxxxx Premiere Screening Passes Giveaway" and there is where you press "Participate in the giveaway". After pressing it will be a pop out window asking you to share with Facebook or Twitter. I think you should be understand what to do till here right. Remember share post as public if not they might unable to trace your post. 

Make sure you share your post with your own logged in acc into, which your post will be appear with your name under the post as shown ;

Then sit back and keep on refreshing your email till you saw their name in your inbox. LOL! Just reply your details as confirm attendants, do not reply and MIA as many other people wanted the tickets but you're the lucky one. If you can't attend just give it to other friends by replying with authorize redemption, at least you dont waste the tickets.

Okay, some might ask how do I know which movie is ongoing giveaway which already passed? very easy, look for poster "Klipster Special" flag which mean this is one of the giveaway movie.

If the giveaway already end you won't be able to share or participate the giveaway and the button wil turn grey as followed ;

So what else do you need to know? I can explain to you. My colleague, friends even my family started to sharing them after they saw me keep on updating with free premiere tickets. Good thing should be shared and caring is sharing.

I think should pay me for helping them in advertising/promoting to people around me.
Anyway, join and get a chance to win a pair of movie premiere screening, if you are lucky you might watching the premiere with some local artist.

Almost forgot, once in a while they even giveaway premium items for the movie. You just have to check it out on their site.
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