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Portable ring light -YONGNUO DIGITAL

Every lady always love selfie and wanna look flawless and of course fairer, same goes to me especially im have never been fair in my life errr maybe after I like being pretty. My photo might look very fair and flawless but in real life I'm quite tan and not so flawless hahaha.

Anyway taking photo with good lighting will give us good flawless fair skin on photo and I always wanna buy one for myself which suitable for my phone and my camera which portable with a clip one.

After searching online I found many option ; 

This the one which quite famous and the one I really wanna buy. Malaysia and Singapore reseller are selling around RM120-150 for 1 ring light. It is quite expensive for a light at that price. Then I go on Taobao and it is like 50-60% cheaper around RM50, but I was so worried it might burst or not functioning plus this light have to use battery so it is so money burning I have to buy many battery to use the light, I might end up feel wasting money on battery and stop using the light. So I end up giving up buying it form taobao. 

This is too big as you can see on the photo, the size is so not convenient althought it is really good product and slightly cheaper than the above one. So skip!!

Then I come to this, which is smaller in size but I saw my friend using one of this and the light is quite yellowish and the photo are toward warm color and I don't like it. Most importantly have to buy battery for this also, so once again skip and I keep on searching for another ring which I feel convenient and not so wasting money on buying battery. 

And then Lazada having RAYA SALES!! Which most of the stuff are like 50-70% offer. Do noted I'm not collaborating with Lazada nor they are not giving me any free stuff I pay for myself stuff ya. Again NOT SPONSOR and NOT COLLABORATING.

Okay back to topic, I really have to thanks Lazada for the sale!! Hahahah Because of the sales I decide to search for phone ring light on their site and I bought it right after I found one which is friendly size and which can be chargeable, no need battery. Charging the light to full battery just need 90minutes. Light and small with a clip on, plus 10level of lighting volumes you want. Althought after I tried on the level doesn't make any much different just more brighter and clearer.

And this is it the ring light/flash for our portable devices ; YONGNUO YN06 Flash light. Sorry as I'm so excited so most of the photo/video are from snapchat I totally forgot to take photo with my camera. *photo from Google*

It come in 4 colors just like iPhone, so we could easily pick color to match our iPhone. Is okay if you're Android user, this is not meant for iPhone user only. Black, gold, silver & rose gold (I got a rose gold). *Photo from Google*

Demo clip from my Snapchat, do follow mine Snapchat ( @carolinelzt) as Im kinda addicted to Snapchat more recently and it annoy my bf a lot! hahahah Do ignore the caption on video clips as I said it is from my Snapchat.

It doesn't come with a charger, but you can use any charger pin which suitable, Samsung small charger is suitable or any powerbank charger will do too. This is the packaging, it come in good and no dent. Thumb up to Lazada for not spoiling my parcel.

The white surface is the light(obvious) it is made of thick plastic, the side ring is metal similar to iPhone body and the clips is plastic with rubber ring on the side and thick rubber on the inner part of the clip, so no worried on scratches on devices.

On and off button is on the side, under the on off button is the light adjustment buttons (+ / -)

Now for the light test, 10 level adjustment. My opinion ; The lower it is the nature it capture, for flawless and fairer you can use higher volume. You might not see any different form the video but you will notice the different on the real stuff.

Photo for comparison ; 1st photo without lighting

The fingers showing what the level of light ; Level 1 - is already quite bright, maybe my room light helped a bit

Level 4 - Gonna jump the level too much for 10. You can see the different from 1 to 4

Level 8

Level 10 - Max. ignore the face as I open and tried it straight away I saw the parcel.

That's all and my thought is this is a good products if you thought of buying a ring light or flashlight, you can consider YONGNUO product here the link for the product :

I got it at Rm28.76 while Lazada having Raya sales on the 29 June and was estimated to reach my house around 20-22 July but it reach early on 12 July.

Disadvantage of this product is the battery dry up quite fast, I was trying it for i think 30 mins on the first day then the second day I took out to take some picture for like 15 mins then it off by itself. Maybe their staff tested it before sending it to me. Anyway it is still a good alternate and reasonable price flash light/ring light. 

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