Tuesday, August 30, 2016


A Second Skin For Your Devices - Skin Plus

As what headline wrote introducing a second skin for your devices. Which mean an extra protection on your devices, any devices you wanna protect from scratches. Eg ; Phone, laptop, camera or even your vape.

It is not just a protection sticker or those you get at night market for RM10 which easily peeled of after 2-3months, it is a skin wrap which wrap every inch of you devices, it can protect even near by the charging hole, speaker hole and etc holes/edge/gap which your devices have.

I just got mine from Skin Plus Malaysia yesterday night and I decided to post it out today cause they are having Merdeka promo 20% offer but it end on 31st Aug 2016 which mean tomorrow is the last chance for you to get the 20% off. 

Did for my iPhone 6s and I created/combined my own design with my name on it because I very leceh (troublesome in Malay), dont really like bumping same design with other. I want something sweet yet cool (Cantonese we call it YENG) so I choose colorful watercolor base with some flowers (which many people might not know I like vintage style) and an unicorn (for some reason I feel a bit extra to put it there LOL) to representing sweet and a cool skull. Fyi, the skull and the unicorn are not created by me, I search all over the internet to get the vector of a watercolor unicorn and watercolor skull flower.
Then I send the FA (final art) file over to them to confirm my design and to make sure it is usable, before I head over to their store. Always remember to call over for appointment, they might be fully booking or many on queue which you have to wait much more longer for your turn. One wrapping take around 45mins plus minus depending on how big your devices. You know what people always said "Good thing have to wait"

While waiting for my phone new skin, a bit of sneak peak just to show you how they wrap it.

Here the outcome of my iPhone second skin by Steffy (Pretty and sweet girl but sorry guy not avaible) - Skin Plus Malaysia. Do take noted ya all skin are semi transparent which mean the logo or any original printing on the phone are still visible. You can just request how you want it to but or not to block by the logo of your devices, how and how.

All the gap or area which easy scratched are all wrapped nicely, even the round edge is not a problem for them. The charging part are most common place where scractches can be, dont believe me? Try go over some Machine store or maybe Samsung store see their display, most scratched area is the charging area.

The Pros

- It protect your phone, prevent scratches from every edges.
- If your device already got many scratch you can also replace it by giving it a second skin.
- You can have your own one and only designed phone/devices as you like, even with your name on.
- You phone can be shirtless now, phone getting slimmer to become more convenient for human but we always cover it with cases but after the wrapping can let your phone to be caseless.
- It last longer compare to those you purchase from  pasar malam (night market), although it is cheap like RM10-RM20 but it doesnt last then no point.

The Cons - when come to pros there always cons cause they are bff.

- It doesnt prevent dent, which mean it still will dent if you drop or hard knocked on your devices.

Skin Plus located

inside IPC SHOPPING CENTRE Level 1 (same level as Harvey Norman, it is nearby the lift) If you couldnt find them always ask the information counter.

Operation hours ; are the same as IPC Shopping Centre but their last call is 9pm.

For more existing designs by Skin Plus Malaysia ; http://bit.do/SkinPlusMalaysia
Instagram ; https://www.instagram.com/skinplus_official/
Email ; mrskinplus.com@gmail.com
Contact ; 011-5503 2682

Dont be jealous because my phone is cooler than yours!! Go wrap your phone now!! 20% off is awaiting for you and tomorrow is the last day.

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