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Magic Water - WeCoMed

As everyone may know Im a really lazy person, when it come to skin care I am still lazy thats why I always prefer face mist to moisturizer compare to gel/cream moisturizer. I started using mist and I cant stop using because it is really easy to use, especially when Im in a rush I can just spray onto my face and go out. Now here a product of mist spray Im currently using everyday morning, Magic Water - Nano Aqua The Ultimate Beauty by WeCoMed.

The packaging somehow doesnt look like a skincare products but more likely a hairspray to me.

What is Magic Water & what does it do?

- True nano technology ; Proprietary stable water molecular of nano size that freely penetrates through cell membrane.

- Paraben free ; Paraben is a compound formed from acid and alcohol but Magic Water are paraben free, which mean it is natural preservation without the use of paraben or SLS. It is also free from artificial coloring and fragrance.

- Natural botanical Enzyme ; Consist of concentrated fruits enzyme from fermentation papaya, pneapple and other botanic. Rich source of super anti-oxidants, multivitamins and natural exfoliant to refresh skin.

- Full of negative ion ; Neutralize all harmful environmental substances and reduce microorganism. It increase blood circulation and reinforces collagen.

Always understand the product before you using it, especially products which apply to your face and to consume. Remember read all the ingredient if you have sensitive skin, read the instruction, the expiry date and product life usage.

Functions/Benefits of Magic Water

- Accelerates recovery of damaged skin
- Moisturizes without clogging the pores
- Regulate Sebum Secretion
- Reduces Skin Sensitivity
- Lasting Whitening Effect
- Improves Skin Immunity

How to use

Used twice daily during day and night. Shake well before use and do not invert the bottle. Make sure spray in a distance not too close to your spraying area. 1 pump actually enough to cover your face but I prefer 2 pump as I feel more refreshing with the amount of mist.

You can use Magic Water as makeup setting spray, use it before makeup to moisturizer your skin and after makeup just to set your makeup in place.

You can use to oil control too.

Magic Water, is colorless like normal water and no nice fragrances but it do have a light scents of mineral water or maybe slight stronger smell than mineral water but bearable. Something similar to Sea Master taste, it might smell weird on the first few pump but you will used to the scents.

Other than using on your face it can be use onto any other part  ;

- Face ; When redness and itching. Smoother skin, reduce fine lines, enchance skin elasticity and protect from damage.

- Body ; Reduce odor from underarms and private part.

- Eyes ; Hydrate dry eyes, tired eye and prevent discomfort, work like eyes-drop.

- Mouth ; It can be use to moisturize dry lips, dental ulcer and ozostomia (bad breath). I didnt spray tp my mouth cause I just cant get thru myself! hahaha

- Hairs ; Suitable to use on dry hairs and itchy scalp. It also help hair fall problem due to oil control, can prevent the oil from blocking the hair follicle scalp and affect hair regeneration.

If interested to purchase Magic Water, kindly fill in pre-order form or shop online via
Magic Water, full size 210ml origin price: RM128 but now the price is RM89.90 and Free one Magic Water 60ml worth RM56. 

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