Friday, August 5, 2016


New Look & Old URL

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You might not see this because I changed my url and my blog look slightly different because Im bored with the pinkish layout and wanted something cleaner and brighter. Im a bit lazy on googling how to recreate a new layout and doesn't wanna waste a cent for buying layout since Im cheapskate I am not a full time blogger why waste. Do you know how long I wanted to change the layout into a simple plain one but Im too lazy to move, I was using the pink layout since, I think in my college period till now at least a 5 to 6 years.
fyi, the flower girl, the unicorn and those flowers are all sources from internet. I did not create them.

So all I did was just change the layout from blogger and change a cleaner header which I simple create it by using some free vector/graphic from and I actually created few than I asked my bf and my girls which one look better but you know the more you ask the more different opinion you get end up I decided myself to get the current one. Btw blogger layout template editor is much more easier compare to the old one.

It used to be this one;

This the new one, which you can see on top of my blog;

And my url use to be but now I changed it into which mean Caro nonesense, it is obvious right. LOL My blog name still the old one Miss Caroline Lzt which I will not going to change cause I love my name a lot.

Just hoping people might still able to search me back and take noted on my url changed.

UPDATED on 6th August 2016 - 1pm

Okay, After a night of thinking I still think better to use back my old blog URL so remaining (, no more I make quick change on everything so people wont notice but I think few of them already saw it as I saw my view yesterday till now is almost 300. Dont ask me why I remaining it. 

Thats all for today. Happy Friday enjoy you weekend.

Miss Caroline Lzt signing off.
Please dont forgot me, do spread around about my url. I know no one read but still please spread it out. hahahahaha

Anyway, please forget about the new url thingy and please read my blog eventhou I have super bad grammar.

Here some of the other header which I did but I didnt choose them, so sad! Dont ask me why do I have to put flowers and unicorn in.

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