Saturday, August 6, 2016


Pokemon Go Officiall - Fix for GPS Signal Not Found (IOS)

Yes it is finally officially in Malaysia!! Quick faster go download it, click in below link for downloading ; 

So I downloaded and started to play a minute ago and this problem occur (GPS Signal not found) and I tried on and off the app and also restart my phone and the problem is still there. This is how it look like, the red bar sticking there and you are stand in nowhere ;

Both picture from Google

So I searched for a fix for the problem and I got this from youtube (GPS Signal Not Found Pokemon Go FIX - iOS and Andriod) You watch and follow step by step and it is really easy and fast or scroll down and follow step by step with my photo guide.

Firstly, Go to Setting.

 Go into General and scroll all the way down till you see Reset

After get into Reset you will say Reset Network Settings, just press it and you have to type in your passcode then it will reset your network/location and restart your phone by itself.

No worries cause it will not delete any contact, apps or photo, nothing change except you wifi might need to re-login. If it really removing anything, mine will be empty now but no. After it restart now you can start playing your Pokemon Go.

Enjoy your game and catch more Pokemon!!! Remember watch your steps when playing and do not play while driving it is really dangerous, If you wanna die please do not bang human go bang some light pole or tree or traffic pole or maybe wall but not humans or animals.

Play safe. LOL Sound so wrong anyway, play safe.


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