Thursday, September 15, 2016


Centa Svelte Slimming Jelly [Review]

Everyone wanna get slim effortless and eat anything everything but never get fat, so here the Centa  Svelte Slender/Slimming Jelly which you can now eat and get slim.

It is an innovative products of Swiss Biotechnologies International, Geneva, Switzerland. Made from all-natural high quality ingredients, +CENTA Svélte Slender Jelly with its Max Effect slimming technology burns and stops fat formation and reduces hunger pangs effectively.

A box of slender jelly is 20 sachets, 10 in each ziplock bag. Each sachets is equal to 12g and each serving contain zero protein and zero fat. It have 4.1kcal energy, 2.63g carbo & 1.6g dietary fibre.

It contains garcinia cambogia extract which prevents fat formation, reduces hunger pangs, keeps blood sugar & cholesterol level in check.

Other than garcinia cambogia extract, it contains ; Young honey orange extract, acai berry extract, L-carnitine & purple tea.

Benefits of Centa Svelte Slender Jelly

- Burn fat
- Prevent fat formation
- Promote active metabolism
- Boost immunity
- Reduce hunger pangs
- Drain toxic
- No addictives & preservatives
- Gelatin-free
- Natural ingredients

Usage instruction & Precautions ;

Take 1 sachets before breakfast and 1 before dinner, for better result drink a glass of 300ml water with each strip.

For people who under medical condition and pregnancy do consult a physician before taking the supplement. Store the jelly in cool and dry place.

Yesterday was my last sachet, which mean I already go thru 10 servicing of Svelte Slender Jelly. I always bring 1 in my bag so I could consume it before my 1st meal and my last meal.

It look just like normal citrus jelly and taste like one too. The berries and citrus taste quite strong, quite tasty with a bit of aftertaste soury but not exactly sour. It is semi transparent and texture is bouncy Q jelly.

My after result was nothing much change and I dont really feel slimmer, but when come to supplement it always depending on everyone body. It might not work on me but might work on others.

But it doesnt reduce craving and hunger pangs, like normally after lunch till I finish work is about 4hours I will sure have some fruits or cookies but in the 10 days with Svelte I didnt really crave or feel hungry in between the 4hours.

Overall result ;

- It does reduce my hunger pangs and craving.
- It taste good for a snack and you easily filled up.
- My face skin condition got better not really sure does it related to the jelly, since it mention drain toxic.
- But I dont see any obvious result in fat burning or got slimmer, my pant still tight like how it used too and my weight is still the same. *Do note Im a gym freak and I lift weight*

For more details ;

To purchase ;

You can purchase Centa Svelte Slender Jelly or their other products in any Watson - Centa and Guardian-Centa in Malaysia.

Guardian is having promo till Sep 28th.

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