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Instant Printing - WePrint

Instant photo printing is always a big hit in event, roadshow or any wedding reception, which host will prepare a corner of photo-booth memory gift photo for their guest. But for photo-booth photo have to be taken on the spot right in front of other guest/stranger and not everyone okay with people staring at them while taking photo and WePrint have this printing machine which you dont have to take picture on the spot but you can just delivery your photo to the machine and print it out into a pocket size photo.

What is WePrint machine?

Liberty Printing is a heat transfer printing machine and material supplier in Malaysia. WePrint is the first WeChat instant printing machine in Malaysia, it was imported into Malaysia since 2015. 

Connect to WePrint by using WeChat and print out photo in just 1 minute. It can but printed on different material ; Photo paper, magnet, sticker, phone case, button badge and etc.

How to use it?

1. Open WeChat and scan QR code provided thru WeChat then Follow Liberty.
2. Select WePrint 2.0 and upload photo.
3. Print photo and edit photo, send ID code as shown on machine.
4. Wait for your photo to be print. EASY PEASY

How does it look like?

This is just a sample of the photo which print by WePrint. The temple design is different according to what event, function or roadshow you are.

When and Why do I need WePrint?

WePrint machine ideal for any corporate or private functions, WePrint is always a crowd pleaser, attracting people from all walks of life to print their favourite photos onto different material, including photo paper, magnetic paper, button badge and phone casing. For the advertisers, they can use the machines to attract followers, collect database, and engage the followers more effectively through this popular social media platform ; WeChat.

Private functions like wedding receipt or maybe fullmoon birthday party people would like to hire photobooth which might cost more or troublesome as you need props and background design which come with additional charges, WePrint can be called a "do it yourself" a different kind of photobooth.

Additional benefit for corporate

From these events and the database collected, this machine is showing itself to be a business tool with great profit potential.
Other than being an instant photo printing machine, WePrint is a great marketing tool for any business. It is designed to help advertisers recruit WeChat followers through on-ground events and activities. Businesses will not only be able to advertise on screen but also incorporate brand or product in a pre-designed photo template. The public will be exposed to the advertisement while waiting for their photos to be printed as well as bring a copy of the printed photo with brand message or product information home with them.

WePrint is a powerful marketing tool with great business potential. Catering to the needs of different businesses, they have sold to retail outlets the machines to entertain their guests, provided rental or leasing services to event management companies, charged advertising fees to different advertisers. Most important, it is a viable advertising tool for almost any type of business, such as F&B, entertainment, beauty, bridal, hotel, supermarket, tourism, advertising, media, jewelry, telecommunication, automotive, property, electronics, gym, education, charity etc.

Who supply?

WePrint is under Liberty Printing Sdn. Bhd. (1080784-T) ( For enquiries do contact ;

Add: 6, 6A & 6B, Jalan Harmoni 1A/KU3, Kristal Klang Commercial Centre, 42100 Klang, Selangor.

Contact number: 019-985 8151 (Elaine)

Business hours: Monday to Saturday (9am to 6pm)

Good news readers!! If you are interested in purchasing for the services, you can use the code below [ CL1001 ] to get 10% descount.

Valid until 30 November 2016, T&C applied.

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