Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What for breakfast?!

Nowadays people getting more and more rushing/busier with work or studies and tend to forgot the importance of first meal. I seen people either skipping their first meal or just ate grab and go meal for breakfast. 

Breakfast is like petrol and we human are the car, without petrol car can never move around. We human need to have good nutrient to break an overnight fast to start our busy routine.
Nutritionists advise ; Breakfast should be eaten within 2 hours of waking. Did you have your first meal correctly and in time?

I know people always say "Eat like a king for breakfast" but the meaning of "King breakfast" is not in term of portion but in term of the nutrients.

I seldom miss my first meal and I influence my bf to start having good habit of having breakfast even running late he have to get his breakfast before going work. Im doing a good job and he been doing it well until now and I gave him a bit of tips how to not skipping breakfast, not grab&go unhealthy meal and filling up but not too full.

Tips I gave my bf 

He was asking for an affordable, fast and easy breakfast, because he always running late to work and lazy plus doesn't know how to cook. So I gave him this;

Milk and bread with peanut butter spread.
I don't know why some people hate milk; Milk is full of protein and taste good. My bf used to hate milk, he only drink coffee but after my guidance he start drinking fresh milk every morning for breakfast.

Why milk or out so many beverage?
1) Milk is a quick, protein packed breakfast beverage. 
2) A glass of milk in the morning help provide 275mg of calcium, which meet your daily calcium requirement. 
3) Milk contains 85% water, it an effective thirst quencher after a long sleep. 
4)  Whoever with lactose intolerance can tolerate up to 1 cup of milk and it's even easier to digest when paired with other foods. 
5) Milk contains essential nutrients ; Calcium, protein, Vitamin (C, D, A & B), manganese, phosphorus and selenium.

Calcium insufficiency can result in ;
Bone thinning, weak teeth, weak muscle, lost of height, curved spine & risk of chronic disease.
This is why we should not stop drinking milk, some people say Im not a baby I dont need milk. Eh hello who say only baby drink milk?

Milk is good and effortless kind of breakfast, you just grab and drink then taadaaaaa all nutrition is in your body, good for diet lady who always refuse to eat anything cause wanna look sexy skinny and it even good for digestion. I did a 7days breakfast with milk(you will notice it if you're my follow in IG), but it doesn't go smooth cause I was food poisoning + fever (thanks to M** fast food) for like 2 days plus I could not take any dairy products.

My 7 days breakfast with milk

Day 1 - American breakfast. ( 2 sunny up eggs, 2 sausages, half baked tomatoes, 1 slice of toast & many mushroom)

Day 2 - Mashed potatoes with diced tomatoes, hard boiled+diced eggs, cheese & milk.

It is really easy just boiled, peeled & smash your potatoes. Heat your pot/pan with 2 tablespoon butter then pour in 1 cup of milk till it almost boiled put in the smashed potatoes and start stirring till they mix together. Then mix in cheese, tomatoes, eggs and season a bit with salt and pepper.

Day 3 - Eggs + kimchi sandwich

Im a big eater I eat 2 sandwich which mean 4 slice of bread, trust me this meal can at least fill your tummy for many hours.

Day 4 - Peanut butter & raisin toast

Spread peanut butter put many many raisin on it and toast it for 1-2 mins, this is really heaven.

Day 5 - Bananas and milk or you could make banana smoothies.

for creamier smoothies use frozen banana ;  1 peeled banana blend it and add in milk and honey. Optional you could add in peanut butter for different taste and much more creamier.

Day 6 - Scramble eggs, enoki mushroom, brown mushroom & kimchi

Scramble egg with milk ; beat eggs with milk and pepper salt. Heat up pan with butter, pour in eggs and stir till eggs is set.

Day 7 - I was in a super duper rush so the only thing I grab was milk, I always try not to go out with an empty stomach. Grab to go UHT milk is really a life saver.

So what you waiting for!? Grab a milk and start your day with healthy breakfast.

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