Tuesday, December 6, 2016


My Little Secret

Do you drink coffee? Where do you go for a good coffee? Too be true I seldom drink coffee but I do really like how the hot brew coffee fragrance. My family like coffee but somehow I'm an exception but I love how it smell, the strong roasted bean.

I do have many friends who love coffee and I can see they like to go for cafe hopping at least twice a week and do you know how much it cost? RM12-15 per cup twice is RM24-30 and in a month it is RM96-120.

That's the cost of your coffee for a month! If half year it is RM500+++, do you think before that with RM500 you can be your own barista at home. Yes you can and RM500 is more than enough!! You don't believe me!! Scroll down and see for yourself.

Nescafé Gold Blend Barista Machine the new barista, it is RM239 with 1 Nescafé Gold Blend 200g jar & 1 refill pack. You could get 2 with the RM500 you pay outside.

What so special about the machine?

  • Easy peasy with just pressing the button and you get your cafe-like coffee.
  • No worry about the capsule cause no need capsule anymore, all you need is water and NESCAFÉ Gold Blend coffee, milk if you want a latte.
  • You can enjoy 5 different types of coffee just at 1 touch.
So how does it sound?! Good? Wanna get yourself 1 too? Where can you get it? You can get it from ; 

LAZADA selling at RM239 with 1 jar of NESCAFÉ Gold Blend coffee 200g + 1 refill pack 170g. 

And Qoo10 - RM229 with 1 jar of NESCAFÉ Gold Blend coffee 200g + 1 refill pack 170g

It come in 2 color the red one or full black and guess what? LOL I got myself a red one, if you know me I Love red like a lot! Hahaha and it look nice with the red at the side compare to full black look so bored.

I haven start using it as I was too busy with my new job but I unboxed it to check how it look like. My parent is so excited and was planning where to put the new barista. Im so excited as well and feel like Christmas came early!! If you're my Snapchat follower you should have already watched my unboxed, remember follow me on my Snapchat (carolinelzt) I updated Snapchat first then Instagram.

The best thing I like about NESCAFE Barista machine is the without capsule idea and I don't have to keep on clean after using for the coffee powder/bean deck because I'm lazy hahahaha. Thanks to Nescafé for invented a machine just right for lazy people like me.

And of course the design and the light weight machine for easy shifting it around. The easy step for a cup of good coffee, put in the bean, water and press a button according to which coffee you want.

Next post about Nescafé Barista will be test on the machine. Be patient and wait for it. 

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