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Monday, June 19, 2017

Jonlivia - Slimming Pant

I was jammed with a lot sponsor and post to blog but my camera spoil!! Wtf so I had to lend camera from my sis but it was older version which mean no wifi transfer and this is not the end. The laptop got terrible virus which mean I can't plug in my camera or hardisk.

Feel like dying now!! Have to fix camera and buy anti virus. The only way I can do now is blog by using phone or use my office desktop to transfer all the photo, Troublesome.

Anyway this post is all about sweat pant, hot pant or sport pant? Hmm Okay I actually posted it on my Instagram moment then a lot people asked me about the result and how was it or does the pant did the job and so and so. Here I will explain and give my genuine review about the pant.
The brand I tried is Jonlivia, Malaysia brand where the name was a combination of the founder, Jon & Olivia. Their logo was JL the short form of Jonlivia and a squirrel which bring the meaning of speed & performance.

I was given the chance to try their Long Active Hotpant S5+ with pocket. Promotion price now RM188 before discount RM250. Size from XS to 4XL.

It is 100% genuine Neoprene made & the first only Airy Fabric built-in in Malaysia. Come with an inner pocket, softest and more stretchable hotpant, high-rise/ highwaist design & flat lock seam.

As I mention I tried the pant for my leg days and the result was amazed. Where should I start from, I really don't know.

The silver logo is the latest, it used to be orange color. 

Always read the instruction on how to handle your garment. You don't want to spoil it.

The inner pocket was small but can fit in Club card and small bunch of keys like very small. 

The inner material. The pant was slightly thicker and very soft comfortable but you won't feel hot wearing it and not heavy. 

The result was really good, you can see the shine on my ankle those are my sweat like really sweating. Scroll down for video. 

The back view of the pant, sorry no firm butt only fat butt. 

Sorry again no toned body and abs only fats everyone. I couldn't show my bare ugly face have to cover it. The length was just right, I like the length as you know short legs ppl have difficulty when it come to long pant but this length was good on me. 

Again no toned firm body I feel sad only repeatly apologize. Hahaha Anyway, the thing I hate most is it doesn't fit my waist well. The waist part to my tight part a bit loose and keep crumpled and it look so not nice. The end of the ankle look like laces idk why it don't stay straight nicely lol maybe the material is the problem. But that doesn't matter. 
Overall was good only the crumpled part no no no hope they come with an improved version where it fit nicely for any size. Cause not every have perfectly 36 26 36.

Some people might thought hotpant will feel hot or tight squeezing but Jonlivia pant don't. I wore for like almost 2 hours but not hot at all and not tight but after sweating will stick to your skin where the uncomfortable  and awkward part start, cause you will start pulling here and there. The pant function is more than my expectation. It is really flexible and stretchable, best thing is it won't feel hot but it help in sweating a lot like A LOT!! After like 30mins my legs sweat like it is raining inside and the pant absorbs quite a lot of my sweat but still doesn't  feel heavy. After 1 hour plus the pant started to dripping sweat lol!

Video for a better vision ;

If you want me to rate I will rate it 3.5 out of 5 as full, -1 for the crumpled parts & -0.5 was because it drip sweat after 1 hour plus. Overall was good the performance the result was good!!

If you ask me will it be suitable for working or leisure outing, I will said not suitable for my job not really formal but for leisure outing it depend on people but for me I will still use it for only sport cause I dont wanna have sweaty pant or legs when Im outside.

Other than pant I also have the Unisex Hot Belt - RM88 but I still can't figure out how to secure it onto my belly, plan to wear while I'm working but not that convenient as it quite thick and it only can be wore 1-2hours each time. Shall see how to get the belt on first.

Btw Jonlivia had officially Online & Offline, do visit their retail store (Jonlivia Lifestyle Club) at :

No. 70A, 70B & 70C,
Jalan SS2/67,
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia

For more info do visit : https://www.jonlivia.com/

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Photobook App

Hey! Random post here❤️ blogging by using photo is difficult.

Okay here we go as you know if you followed my FB or IG, you sure know I just attended The Butterfly Project 4th Birthday and I haven posted the unboxing or unpacking hmmm🤔 okay anyway as I was saying the unpacking not yet post and just a quick post about 1 of the sponsor for the birthday.

We got plenty of products in the bag and 1 of the sponsored thing is something I wanted to purchase long time but I just didn't get the push i till I got the voucher and recent I was looking+cleaning up my photo and my photo wall it gave me a push to take action and I purchased, now waiting for it to come!! Excited, haven receive it but will update again once I receive it.

Opss haven mention it : the Sponsored is Photobook.com.my or Photobook App. It was easy and quick you can get your photo album done in like 15mins? Or maybe 10mins.

Step 1 : Download the apps (can be downloaded for IOS or Android) and open, it you will see something like this.

Step 2 : Choose what you wanna print. My was Simple  Books 21 pages. Click into it and it look like this;
If you are choosing other you might get more than 1option so choose according to what you want. If you don't have any promo code no worry, cause you can use the ONTHEGO to get 50% off.

Step 3 : Select your photo it can go up to many photo but min is 21pages.  
It was easy as you can choose to stretch your photo or square or fit into it & can easily delete or add photo. 

Step 4 : You could write name or person whose you dedicated the album to. Of course I put my family and friends, without them I'm nothing they are my greatest treasure. 

Step 5 : Add to cart & checkout, payment by debit/credit/PayPal, full in your mailing details as well.

Step 6 : Submit order and you are done, wait for your purchase to reach you.

It will look like this once your order is confirmed, it will start uploading. 

Whole process take around 15mins plus minus. So easy and you don't have to take out you laptop or on your pc. Wait till it come I will review about the quality.

Okay thanks bye love you


[New Update]

As I promised, I will update the product after i received. Below is the Photo album I redeem from Photobook it come out not as expected but not too disappointed.

It came in a blue box/envelope with the some description on the back;
7 days guarantee shipping, Free express shipping available, 100% quality guarantee & 100,000s free Personalised option.

i doubt about the quality of the graphic but the material wise it is really good thick quality.
Taadaaa my own personalised photo album from Photobook.
They even gave me another 50% off code! Anyone wanna purchase your own memory album?? PM me I can gave it to you.
My Greatest Treasures
This is how the graphic and color quality, it is a bit low resolution and blur. Not as expected but still Im good with it where I could keep all my memories in.

A quick peak of the inside;