Saturday, July 15, 2017

G9 Skin Korea [ Review ]

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Hi all, Malaysian trend have been going wild on Kpop, Korean foods, Korea culture, Korea fashion, Korea makeup & Korea skincare. That's why Im here to do a short review about G9 Skin a Korea brand skincare & they have cosmetic too. Their skincare product are in pink packaging very feminine and soft.


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Butterfly Project Turn 4th

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Hello July and Hello busy busy busy month, too many thing to do too less time to use. I can't really remember when was my 1st blogging journey started but it started from MySpace if you'll know what it is. LOL It is some blog space from MSN okay if la you know what is MSN. From MySpace to Friendster to Blogger, from nothing to something (Im not famous but I mean by from knowing no one to knowing quite a lot of blogger) and from writing is a hobby into passion till I joined the community of The Butterfly Project since I think the first year TBP was born. Here a proof I actually an old kaki's of TBP but a lazy one and not famous one.