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G9 Skin Korea [ Review ]

Hi all, Malaysian trend have been going wild on Kpop, Korean foods, Korea culture, Korea fashion, Korea makeup & Korea skincare. That's why Im here to do a short review about G9 Skin a Korea brand skincare & they have cosmetic too. Their skincare product are in pink packaging very feminine and soft.

G9 Skin concept is to protect our skin from 9 harmful factor which caused by city life(UV, heater/air conditional dryness, air pollution, waste gas, dust, stress, irregular living, cosmetics thick makeup or wrong skincare) with 9 ingredients to purity skin.

The 9 ingredients ; Lotus extract, Ivy extract, Eucalyptus extract, Hibiscus extract, Chlorella extract, Pine sprout extract, Oregano leaf extract, Green tea extract & Chia seed extract.

I have 3 G9 Skin products to try ;
  • G9Skin White in Milk Whipping Foam
  • G9 Skin 3D Volume Gum Mask
  • G9 Skin White in Cream Cushion.
Korea skincare are well known as whitening & hydrating skincare and as for the products from G9 Skin are as well about whitening and hydrating your skin.

The texture is very fine and smooth. Smell very very powdery like baby powder. It is a deep cleansing & moisturising 2 in 1 cleanser, it can help remove make up & waste and hydrate our skin. It also help take care of the dead skin cell which make it easier to put on make up.
The cleanser doesnt form foam or bubble, it is creamy but not soapy. It feel weird LOL as normal cleanser are soapy and form bubble.
Result after using ; It was normal nothing much different but the smell last and skin got slightly softer.

It said is like our second skin perfectly fit onto our face, Im agree with it. The mask is cooling and it doesnt perfectly fit onto my face but it stay on my face well and it is thin sheet and soft silk. The serum/collagen/liquid quite a lot and the mask stay moist after 20mins.
Result ; It was cooling and moisturising after apply. It was easier to apply makeup too.

G9 Skin White in Creamy Cushion 15g - RM84
The Cushion is makeup & skincare in 1, it can be use for sun-protection or a base under makeup. Sun protection SPF 50+PA+++ and it smell just like the cleanser/baby powder. It can help create instant brightening, anti wrinkles & UV sun block.
The white part are the Tone-up base or what we called Sunblock & the pinkish part are Primer Moisture with strawberry + milk extract, it can oil control and makeup lasting.

The texture is like sunblock but not sticky or oily but powdery cream. The coverage is zero but it do control oil and can be use as touch up powder. At least it doesnt create mess like powder when touch up.

Overall result it was good for skincare but for makeup not really but for touch up okay. Anyway for skincare product it might suit me but it might not suit you and must be try on own face to know how the result is.

You may wanna check G9 Skin new product, lipstick the colours is really nice.

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