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The Butterfly Project Turn 4th

Hello July and Hello busy busy busy month, too many thing to do too less time to use. I can't really remember when was my 1st blogging journey started but it started from MySpace if you'll know what it is. LOL It is some blog space from MSN okay if la you know what is MSN. From MySpace to Friendster to Blogger, from nothing to something (Im not famous but I mean by from knowing no one to knowing quite a lot of blogger) and from writing is a hobby into passion till I joined the community of The Butterfly Project since I think the first year TBP was born. Here a proof I actually an old kaki's of TBP but a lazy one and not famous one.

My first review by TBP of Bag of Love

My very first event big thanks to TBP

Does this make me an old butterfly hmmmm~~~ hahahah Anyway it was not long ago attended the TBP 4th Birthday and yes Im with TBP for 4 years!! Was really happy to join the 4th Birthday and we received many goods and also Big Thanks to Tammy Mamasan I heard she sold her Coach to fund for the whole event. Love her to MAX!! Am so excited to unboxing/unbagging so many items total of 13 brands!!

Let start with the 4th Birthday first then we go into the bag. It was pastel theme and everyone was so well dress. The party was held in Hello Deer in Damansara, their venue was pretty cute with pastel wallpaper.

We was greet by these cute delicious food and dessert bar!! And on the other side it is a chalk wall for use to leave down the greeting and birthday wishes. I couldnt get a good shot of the wall.

After we got our seat, first thing is PHOTOBOOTH big thanks to Glitz and Glam Photostudio for all the pretty photo!! Photo by Eros Si & for more info of GNG package do visit www.gngstudiobooth.com. GNG services and photo quality is really good, my bff did use their services and was praising them.
Our photobooth candid, super loving this. Credit goes to Eros Si.

The party is all about meeting new people, selfie, selfie and still selfie and also present since it is a birthday party. Before we go into the unboxing let short event agenda; 3pm event start with a fast emotional speech from Leonard, emcee of the day, group picture, ice breaking and guide on unboxing from Sydney(super love her makeup that day).
 Me and my college bff, Sharon
 Love this picture but the card was the opposite way.
The cake is so pretty I cant stop myself not to talk photo with it.
(Credit to Eros Si)

So the unboxing start now!! It begin with the tote bag simple and elegant with a golden butterfly which representing every each of us, designed by Tammy our mamasan.

Let digging in!! I almost faint while unboxing, I think I stop breathing for 5second. The whole building was full of scream of the butterflies.

Total 10 pieces unicorn brushes, look at the colorful bristles. It look plastic but it is so soft and the color is so beautiful!! I was hopping to get the face brush because it look so unicorn compare to the eye one but I seldom use face brushes. The brushes is randomly placed inside our bag so some get the face and some get the eye. Wanderlust being generous, giving 10% offer for all my readers.

10 colors of shimmering and matte, for eyeshadow or for contouring, If you read my beauty post before, I mention before I dont really use contour cosmetic but eyeshadow to contour my nose cause the effect is way better and lasting compare to contour itself. Btw the eye shadow contain variety of flowers extracts. It was very smooth and pigmented, small and handy and easy to apply. 

Swatch with flash and without flash.

I love how they pack the lippie, the royal blue bubble sharp and protective enough to prevent lipstick damage. I have to say this, it was the first thing I saw in the bag cause of the blue packaging and I really suffocated for 5 second once I open it!! I really scream like a lady, errr okay Im a lady anyway. Still screaming!! Ahhhhhhhhh *faint*

Total 4 shades was in it! and all in NUDE SHADES!!! I have to say nude color & matte lipstick are sexy, suit me. *tak mau muka-ing*
Orkid is Halal cosmetics created by a local blogger. All products are cruelty free & vegan. The pack come with cute sticker and another RM5 discount but end on 30 June 2017, so sad I totally forgot about the RM5.
Swatch in flash and without flash and also on my lip for better view.
Idk why I view on my laptop it was bright and big different but when I uploaded into Blogger it turn out all same color -_-". I love all the color and the texture was okay as I have very dry lips it look slightly crack on my lips.

I forgotten to waterproof test, but I did try it on and it is easy to apply and no chunky. Not sure about the curving but the no clumps YES and it do the job of voluminous.

Dolly Wink : Liquid Eyeliner WP Super Black - RM69.90

The super black Im not really sure with it, but the waterproof definitely, Easy to use because I use liquid pen, quick drying. Below water & smudge test to see will it smudge and nope it stay but after I rub, it came off but not smudge. At least it dont smudge cause smudge is big NONO.

Comparing to Dolly Wink Super Black, Mamonde Long Lasting is way darker just a swap it is dark and bold. They are both smudge proof when go thru water but it came off a lot when I rubbed it. It is difficult to draw I prefer the normal brush.

The mist is thin, cooling and smell really good flowery. It moisturized our skin with daffodils extracts and mineral water.

Neesya products are certified Halal. The set come with 100ml gel cleanser & 75ml enzymatic refiner scrub.

Hadabise - Moisturizing Face Mask Extra Rich 5pcs - RM 48.70

It have hyaluronic acid and royal jelly to deliver hydration into our skin. I tried the other day, the mask itself is really thick and many serum. The result was good it did hydrate my skin instantly but the smell is weird, smell like some chemical alcohol.

Sunscreen which suitable for all skin and most important it wont sticky or oily.

One of their Best seller sleeping mask; It help hydrate & brighten your skin while you're sleeping. It is smooth and light cream gel.

It stated 3x SUPER STRENGTH and 7 DAYS proven shaping result!! It make me wanna try it on , if it really so effective I think I might rub it on every part of my body. LOL
It was easy and comfortable when massaging but after the massaging, the hot sensation start and it is hot. Imagine you wipe chilies on you skin, that is how it feel but maybe slight lighter the burning. It can help reducing cellulite & toning your body.

Adidas : Climacool Shower 250ml - RM10.90 & Climacool Deodorant 35ml - RM4.99

Both smell good, the shower one smell light and sporty. The deodorant smell fresh and not strong just right. You know normally deodorant are super strong like they worries people dont know they are wearing deodorant. LOL

Pax Moly : Aloe Vera Soothing Gel - RM29.90

I always use aloe vera gel whenever Im lazy to apply all skincare and best thing about them is it can be apply to anywhere. Can use it as night mask, serum, moisturizer, hair moisturizer & sure effective toward sunburned skin, it will ease all the pain and prevent from skin peeling off after sunburn.

I already posted how to prints your own album by using phone apps and also updated the review, do check it out HERE.

So this is the end of the long post of all total 13 brands, 18 items & worth of RM1000+ goods. Thats not all cause I won a consolation prize for the IG contest on the spot. Each of the winner get NYX products.
The color is so bold I dont think I will dare to wear. LOL!

Okay I shall end the post by posting my own selfie with using most of the products above.

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