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Bako Korean BBQ & Eateries - BAD REVIEW

It was a fine day when me and bf was so happy thinking to have Korean BBQ in Sri Petaling, was planning to go for Bulgogi BBQ House buffet RM25 per pax!! But it was full, we were too hungry to wait for 45mins so we went to another Korea BBQ restaurant; Bako Korean BBQ & Eateries.
It was so wrong we actually trusted the review online!! We are loyal customer of Daorae but was planning to go for new one instead like we don't really have any other places to dine in.

Idk what where to start.

So this is the environment, it was nice and comfy but very hot or maybe just our area are hot. We are sweaty half dining. They actually offer us inside seat which like a cubicle area super not comfy and I saw lot of the customer they bought in refuse to sit there. LOL
The restaurant was like 40-50% occupied, It was Sunday night. 

The price is slightly higher compare with Daorae and variety was almost the same.

Like normal Korean BBQ restaurant they offer free refill banchan(side dishes) & Lecttuce but no free water or brown rice tea. They asked us to like share their recent post and cannot be those promo post just to get a mug of rice tea. *pathetic* The offer seriously doesn't attract me but he, the waiter asked and I'm a bit awkward to reject him so I did it plus it is free why not.

We order a basic set for 2-3pax which come with 3 type of meat, 1 seafood stew or kimchi stew & banchan total was around RM78.80. If you have 4-5pax they have another set which cost you almost RM100 which additional 2 type of meat.
Opss I left out the Kimbab, if I'm not mistaken it was recommended by chief on their menu. We add on an original kimbab and we order malgeolli cause we were really in a good mood to get a light drink.

You can see on the picture everything look very nice presentable but wtf the banchan almost all tasteless except for the kimchi, anchovies & the white carrot other was tasteless and the texture like overnight dishes like for few nights not 1 night of overnight but many nights. Is like over cooked veggies no texture no chewiness no nothing. Idk how to express the disgust texture.

Because the foods doesn't gave us good impression to remember how it look like I actually stopped taking picture but trying to finish up all the foods so I can leave the very hot place.

Next was thinking maybe the banchan is bad but the soup won't go wrong. Okay the kimchi soup was fine nothing bad just to compare with many restaurant the tofu was super small piece, all the tofu in it equal to 1 and a half? piece tofu of daorae tofu in stew. And I realize the vermicelli was the normal thin one not the Korean thick vermicelli. Not chewy nor bouncy but easily cut off by picking up with chopstick.

The meat taste very porky (Sorry my Malay friends, this post is not for you), not fresh and the skin is super chewy like rubber can't even chew. Btw the meat can be grilled on your table or by them in the kitchen.

Owh did I mention the kimbab?! The kimbab taste wtf like RAW CARROT!! It wasnt firm enough to hold all the thing in it, keep on felling out and the carrot is very thick and whole kimbab taste like RAW CARROT. It is okay, it just taste like CARROT and i hate carrot, even I pick out the carrot it still taste like carrot. We have to soak it into the stew to finish the whole roll.

This is how the banchan look like since they place it there till the end of our meal, we normally refill banchan for  at least 2-3 times for only 2 of us. YUCK!! Sorry but it is really wtf worst.

The whole dinner cost us RM136.85, it was fine filling. Comparing to Daorea we normally bill around less than RM130 for 2 type of meats + 1 medium hotpot army stew with 1 rice (which we feel like we just had a buffet) but still fair la we did ordered a malgeolli which cost us RM25.
Overall, Im sorry it was my first visit and also my last visit. I will not go there ever again, even it is free I will not go there.

If you want me to rate ;

Environment : 4/5 (-1 for the sweaty dining)
Foods : 2/5 (2 for at least they didnt ruin the stew)
Drinks : We didnt ordered any house drink, but the free tea.
Desserts : Didnt ordered and was lucky we didnt waste money on the dessert.
Services : 3/5 (Nothing offensive so fair one)
Price : 3/5 (Slightly expensive so a fair one)

If you wanna try it out;

NO 2-1, Jalan Radin Bagus 7,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur

Contact : 03-9054 5388
Facebook :
Operation Hours : 12pm - 3.30pm & 5.30pm - 11pm

Was open since May 2016, already passed 1 year and your foods is not good!!

This is the end of our bad reviews and not satisfying dining in Bako.

If any wrong information do let me know. If you are disagree with my review or opinion then sorry I can't help you cause this is my blog.

Thanks and Bye

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