Sunday, September 10, 2017


Hair Scalp Treatment @ 90's Hairstyle

(Photo from 90's Hairstyle)
As a lady with long hair, I only go salon for twice or three to trim my hair but once awhile will go for a pampering. This time when to 90's hairstyle to try out their hair scalp treatment.

The salon was white and comfy, but located in Sri Petaling might hard to get a slot but they have reserved slot right in front of their salon if you're lucky. Once seated, they will asked what do you want to drink. They are quite careful and good service, the drinks they provide come with a cover preventing hair fall into it and giving me a blanket as Im wearing short.

I was served by the Handsome Juno and after he explaining how the progress and what will be done, starting with the scalp scanning and this is the picture of before.

Sorry it might digust you, my scalp is oily and slightly sensitive. You can notice that the pore/the end of the hair (where your hair grown) is all stuck with dirt and the shine is oil on my scalp.

So the treatment after the scanning the consultation, started with the pore smoothening. Juno use this small bottle of toxins from Craft to roll on my scalp and used 2 bottle of it.

(fyi the product treatment use only Craft brand hair products)
The rolling is really comfortable and cooling.

It will turn into beige color after rolling on, it is my scalp oil. Left is the 1st bottle & right is 2nd bottle.

Then It will be Nano Mist, 3 times Shampoo, Message & some protect for the scalp. (More info do PM 90's Hairstyle)

Nano mist(Korea Technology) by this machine.

After all the treatment we scanned again to see the result and the result is the pore is cleaner, the oil is clear;

Here are the comparison of the before and after;
They had promo last month for more info on the services or their promotion do contact Juno or follow them on Facebook & Instagram

Address : No. 8, Jalan Radin Bagus 6, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : +603- 9054 6881
Business Hour : Monday, Wednesday- Saturday 11am- 8.30pm ; Sunday 11am- 7.30pm (CLOSED on Tuesday)

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