Friday, January 26, 2018


A:CONCEPT - All in One Brightening a Cushion

Today review on a set of cushion I received it from ; A:CONCEPT All in One Brightening A Cushion. A:CONCEPT is a trendy and innovative cosmetics brand, their product are all stylist, compact. with creative packaging, functional and compact.

I actually bought one just to tired it but till now I haven even open it. And now I get another one A:CONCEPT black box set really much thanks to Althea. 
This is how it look like, what come together is ;
  1. Full size Cushion #23
  2. Red Lipstick
  3. Coral lip & cheek
  4. Cushion refill #23
If you plan to buy this set, really sorry but I checked on their website, seen like it is no longer on stock but if you wanna check out on A:CONCEPT products you can still go to

Let get into the details; box opened and this is how it look like.

The color of shade 23# is matched my skin tone but I normally get 21# slightly lighter than my own color cause after applying all other cosmetic it actually blend into my color. But there's once I go on obstacle run and exposed under hot sun hours and got tanned shade 21# is not so suitable.

The texture is fine and easy to blend out, but coverage is just normal. If rate from 5 as very very good then this probably a 1 half, it doesn’t really cover much maybe minor spot yes but not for scars. It have a powdery scent and not sticky at all, it suit for whoever going for natural looking makeup. It do help a bit on balancing uneven tone.
Before applying
After applying ; I try layers of application but it only fade out the color a bit but if you notice it actually cover up the smear area.
As for the lipstick & lip and cheek stick; easy apply with 1 stroke it quite pigmented and not oily or greasy type nor matte type. It is more likely a crayon/cream kind of lipstick.

The red is not really bright red but more on natural one and for the coral color if it is for me I feel too nude it might make me look like Nicky Minaj lip. But for cheek as blush yes it is really natura as I normally use Coral blush, natural and not too much just right. 
The packaging for cushion is very plastic and light, compare to many others brand of cushion consider average not premium but the concept is there; light and easy to bring anywhere. You can bring both cushion and the lipstick out because they are attachable and removable. Really a travel friendly items;

Plug in the lipstick to the hole beside, when you open the cover it will roll out and if you close, it will roll back in. 
And that’s all for today. Although you might not able to get the cushion now probably Althea gonna bring in other news A:CONCEPT products. So stay close to Althea and be surprised by new and cool k-cosmetic.
Bye and good night  

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